StubHub UI/UX Fail

October 7th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

After last night’s Giants game I had a dreadful thought that Sunday’s game might be the last time I get to see the Giants this season. So I went to StubHub to see what tickets were available and this is the screen that greeted me (bright red paintovers are mine):

Given that slider widget’s lameness I’m forced to check the right side of the site and scroll through all of the listings, or sort from high to low and go from there. You’d think they would create a scaling slider widget using a little math and some JavaScript and provide a much better user experience. Make me want to come back and buy tickets, StubHub, I dare you.

UPDATE: I Tweet my posts and the folks at StubHub took notice, very nice!

Go Giants!

@wynachtdotorg Hi Jon, thanks for the feedback on the price guide. I’ve forwarded your feedback over to our product team. Thanks again.
10/7/12 12:46 PM
@StubHub Thank you for noticing! It didn’t deter me from buying tix on your site either 🙂
10/7/12 1:27 PM