tiger, tiger, burning bright

May 4th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

(with apologies to william blake.)

my version of tiger hasn’t shown up in the mail yet so i logged into the ADC web site and voila, there was the GM. took about two hours to download and then i spent another hour and a half burning it to DVD, installing it and configuring it on my 12″ PowerBook.

among other things i’ve been thinking about while fiddling with tiger is the fact that it needs a boot song and i know just the one. check out le tigre by local jazz mayhem makers good for cows.

so far, i like what i see in this release. i’m going to pore over the exhaustive review at ars technia before i install it on a production machine. i’ll probably wait for 10.4.1 to come out in the next two months.

then again, maybe i won’t.

(with thanks to judy blume.)