eighteen seconds before sunrise

June 12th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

every couple of months or so i get together with two buddies of mine from high school. they come down to the City to see a show. during the day we go record shopping, check out Hi-Fi gear, eat food and drink and listen to records and cds. easy, good times.

the last time they were down we saw Mogwai at The Fillmore and they blew the roof off the place. sonically perfect, and it wasn’t because i just had my ears flushed out two days before either.

at any rate, ken and ryan brought down some music for me to listen to and one of the bands was Sigur Rós whom i’ve seen on display in records stores but never heard or bothered to ask anyone about.

until last night.

i listened to “Ágætis Byrjun” and “Takk…” and was floored. It was like listening to something you know you needed to listen to but never quite found it when you dug through the records bins. awesome stuff. potent and alive.

as I write this i’m listening to “Mílanó”, the seventh track on “Takk…”. it creeps up on you like a fairy tale and then stomps all over you like a bunch of liliputians before it sets you down in a feather bed and kisses you softly on the forehead.

i’m serious. it’s that good.

they hail from iceland and i’m sure that i’m way behind on discovering them but that’s the beauty of music. you don’t have to be hip and ahead of everybody else, you just have to listen.