Pure Vinyl III: Final Vinyl

April 13th, 2008 § 0 comments

So, with the help of some outstanding technical support from Channel D I was able to finally get up and running with Pure Vinyl. It is a fantastic product and I have to admit I find myself overwhelmed with its capabilities. This is a good thing because while I’m already recording and listening to great-sounding vinyl I know that there are ways that I can tweak my recordings to be even better, thanks to the software.

So, I think if you are at all interested in this product, give it a whirl. For the money, it’s a bargain.

My next steps are determining the correct setup for recording. Right now I’ve got a line out from my Plinius 9200 directly to my MacBook Pro. I’m looking to try the Apogee Duet to get the most from the analog signal coming from my amp.

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